SRM GUIDE - Fashion & Luxury

Why integrate SRM into your procurement strategy ?

Transforming supplier relationships has become critical in today's supply chain ecosystem. Challenges such as globalization, reduced time-to-market, logistic disruptions, and competitive pressures are leading companies to rethink their approach to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

Companies in the fashion and luxury sector need to stay ahead by prioritizing their supplier relationships.

Faced with these realities, this guide will provide directions to tackle these challenges and optimize your supply chain. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is not just an acronym, but rather a fundamental approach to generating more value out of the supplier relation and ensuring long-term performance.

- STEP 1 : Assess your level of maturity
- STEP 2 : Smart objectives for an effective SRM
- STEP 3 : In-depth knowledge of your suppliers
- STEP 4 : Your suppliers' performance at the heart of SRM
- STEP 5 : Commitment and mutual collaboration
- STEP 6 : Support for continuous improvement

Are you ready to transform your procurement model ?

Download the SRM GUIDE here  👉


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