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An intuitive solution to manage your supply chain

Rip curl is at the genesis of our software. The Australian sport specialist has deployed the e-SCM solution to track and manage its purchase orders. In less than 10 months, e-SCM had been deployed across all 6 divisions (Eyewear, Footwear, WetSuit, SurfWear, Mountainwear and Equipment) and over its global entities.

"e-SCM makes procurement more reliable, brings substantial productivity gains, increased capacity in planning logistics and distribution activities in order to offer a better service to our customers... It contributes to promoting the skill level of the procurement team."

Director of Operations, Rip Curl Europe

The main topics covered : 

       ○ Replace existing tools with coordinated management.
       ○ Engage all the players in the supply chain.

       ○ Harmonise processes and increase productivity.
       ○ Controlling production hazards.
       ○ To ensure the reliability of the supply reception schedule.


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